Will Ohio sports betting start in time for the NFL season? Probably, says industry expert

The commission cannot accept applications for licenses until the rules are in place and those rules are currently being reviewed by separate agencies to ensure they comply with state law. Additionally, the sports betting bill that has been passed calls for a universal start date, the spokesperson said, meaning all owners will start offering sports betting at the same time.

The state estimates that sports betting will be a $1.1 billion industry in Ohio in its first year of operation, and will grow to $3.35 billion within a few years.

State Sen. Niraj Antani, R-Miamisburg, has pushed for the legalization of sports betting in Ohio and said he thinks the commission has done a good job of getting sports betting up and running here.

“I absolutely believe they will meet the legal deadline of January 1, 2023, and I’m optimistic it could happen before that,” Antani said.

He said it might be too optimistic to predict sports betting will be legal in Ohio by the first week of the NFL season, but said NFL betting in 2022 is possible. He noted that the commission had done a lot before the bill officially became law earlier this year.

“They weren’t able to make any legal decisions, but they were able to at least do some preparatory work before it came into effect, which will save them a lot of time,” he said.

Wallach said some other states have tried to kick off their sports betting around football season.

“Ohio competes with (other states) for taxpayer money and to keep in-state customers away from out-of-state sports betting and one way to do that is to make l one of the goals to launch by the start of the NFL season in September. going to be the busiest month of the season for sports betting and I think Ohio will want to grab that,” Wallach said.

He said that given the deadline to start, it is likely to start before the start of next year.

“It becomes a question not of whether, but a question of when, from September to the end of the year, when it will actually go live and given the importance of college football, the regular season of the NFL, then World Series, as well as the start of NBA and NHL games, this provides a solid period for sports betting and I think states would be wise to target this activity,” he said. .

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