YouTube, Spotify and others expand tipping to fans

YouTube, Spotify and a growing number of music and social platforms are increasing the opportunities for fans to tip creators. Since credit card fees are deducted, tips can mean extra income for performers at no real cost to the platform. In fact, some platforms make money from transaction fees.

Tencent Music in China has been a pioneer in online music tipping. More than half of Tenecent Music’s total revenue comes from commissions on direct micropayments made to artists by fans, which can be simple tips or in exchange for badges and other virtual goods.

“Great Thanks” YouTube

YouTube has just extended its Super Thanks feature to many more creators from 68 countries through the YouTube Partner Program. The feature allows fans to tip videos. Previously, the feature was only available to certain creators.

Tips are paid via four preset amounts ranging from $2 to $50 and fans can add a personalized comment.

Once a fan sends a super thank you, they see an animated GIF over the video and can send a comment that creators have the option to heart and like.

Learn more here or in the video below.

Support for Spotify fans and live audio

Spotify has just renamed its Artist Fundraising Pick to “Fan Support” and claims that more than 200,000 artists use it.

The streamer launched tipping in April 2020 right after the pandemic ended all live concert revenue for artists. The rebranding is proof that the feature works and is here to stay.

Spotify is also testing the ability for artists to host their own “live audio rooms” and earn money by selling merchandise, promoting concert tickets, and receiving tips and donations. interior of the room.

We have more details on Spotify Live Audio and how you can sign up to try it out here.

Fan Support will continue to allow artists to receive support (via Cash App,, and other platforms) and raise funds for causes (via GoFundMe). You can set it up on your Spotify Artists profile by connecting one of the approved payment or fundraising partners,

Twitch, Bandsintown, Bandzoogle and more

Tic pioneered fan support for the gaming community and expanded it to include the many musicians on the platform.

Fans who are unfamiliar with tipping on Twitch may find it a bit complicated as it is done through subscriptions and buying Twitch ‘Cheers’ rather than just throwing $5 through PayPal into a virtual tipjar.

Groupsintown offers artists a “Support” button that allows fans to contribute directly to the crowdfunding platform or payment service of their choice. I

It’s simple to set up and the money goes directly to the artist minus any credit card or payment processing fees and no commission taken by Bandsintown.

Instructions for setting it up are here.

Music website builder and marketing platform Bandzoogle offers its users an easy way to add a tip jar and produces a guide we published: Making the Most of a Virtual Tip Jar on Your Music Site

Find details about Bandszoogle’s Tip Jar here.

TikTok, Facebook and many other music and social platforms also have their own creator tipping options.

Once you add the tip jar or support button, don’t expect the monty to arrive. Be sure to let fans know he’s there and ask for their support.

Bruce Houghton is founder and publisher of Hypebot and MusicThinkTank and is senior adviser to Bandsintown which acquired both publications in 2019. He is the founder and president of Skyline Artists Agency and a professor at Berklee College Of Music.

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